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Searching and researching the Internet and finding answers, information, and data for accounting, management, and business-related questions can require time and persistence.  Good experience, which I have, can make the process more efficient and effective.  Paying a reasonable rate for the needed answers, information, and analysis can be of benefit.  I would very much like to help your company by providing you an excellent information research and analysis service.  Please click below for more.

Services Provided
                           This website has two purposes:

First, to promote the research services that I provide as an information and accounting specialist. 

Second, to post articles that I write on using the Internet as a source of information and a resource that can assist in business decision-making.

              The website has two sections, one for each purpose:
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The Internet needs to be used to help companies, accounting departments, managers, and business owners to meet informational and decision-making requirements.   However, efficient and effective use of the Internet requires more than just going to a search engine and entering keywords.  Posted at this website are many articles that have resulted from exploring and evaluating what is available on the Internet and ways of better using the Internet to answer questions related to management, accounting, and business.  Please click below for more.

Articles Posted
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